Sam Kenkel

Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps, CCNA, ACSR
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A New Direction: ACSR CCNA consulting, Data Science Portfolio

After some time in dormancy, it is once again time for Drunken Thieves to be active. While originally a launchpad for some creative side projects (Film and Games), it became a blog that would go on to become insidethekraken.

As one of the founding members of Drunken Thieves, I’ve decided that like me, it’s time for this site to transition.  Going forward, this site will be a portfolio/blog about my current focus on Data Science, Machine Learning, and DevOps.

While that is  my current focus, I am still available for ACSR or CCNA consulting: I’ve always had an interest in Film (All of the original members met in Film School, years ago), but for the past several years I’ve been building and maintaining Video editing environments. (Not only video editing workstations, but the associated Media Asset Management and Media storage products, as well as the networking used to connect all of these things).