Sam Kenkel

Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps, CCNA, ACSR
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Drunken Thieves was once a  loose collective of filmmakers, game designers, writers and critics, before they migrated their blogging to insidethekraken

These days Drunken Thieves is the portfolio/blog of Sam Kenkel  to  showcase his Data Science/ Machine learning/ DevOps projects and education, as well as a point of contact for ACSR or CCNA consulting.

About Me:

After getting a film degree from the University of Southern California, I worked in Film/TV technology, keeping TV shows on the air/Feature films complete on time. I was eventually travelling the world  building custom solutions for media companies that involve petabytes of storage, relational databases with millions of objects, and the associated networking infrastructure.

After learning Python a few years ago, I began following Machine Learning with great interest, as recommender systems, and better analysis of media consumption behavior were radically changing the film and broadcast industries around me.

In 2017, I decided it was time to transition, so I started General Assembly’s Data Science immersive program, where I added Machine Learning skills and statistical analysis to my IT/DevOps skills.

My hobbies include Esports, Tabletop Games, New Media Art and Anime.

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