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Anime_Rec4: Predicting User Scores with Neural Nets

Part 1 of this series explained why I was making an Anime recommendation system, gave a brief overview of the approach I was taking. Part 2 explained how I got my Data. Part 3 explained  how I tuned my 3 Item-Item similarity models to generate ‘possible’ recs. In this part, I’ll talk about predicting user scores with neural nets. Why 3 Neural Nets: Ensembling by targeting different scores: There are 3 pre-trained neural nets. Each net has been trained to predict one type of score: Score, User Scaled Score, Anime Scaled score. The Nets are loaded […]

Setting up an Nvidia-Docker workstation for DataScience/DeepLearning

After deciding, in my previous post, to switch my z620 to an Nvidia-Docker workstation, I wanted to give a writeup of how exactly I did that, because some of the specific technical steps (such as disabling a graphics card in bios to install the nvidia driver) aren’t all documented in one place. Part 1: HW Setup First I open up my z620, and remove the quad port NICs that I’m no longer going to use.  The z620 has two ‘compartments’ inside of the case: the pci-express ports sit on one side of a partition, and […]

Lol_Scout 3: Final Modelling and Results

Background:Summary of the previous posts. In the 5 v 5 Videogame/Esport two teams of 5 players compete against each other. I have gathered Data using the API from riot games. I’m trying to use machine learning to predict wins or losses based on the characters (Champions) that players choose, and those player’s skill/ practice with those champions. This is the 3rd of 3 blog posts about my process and discoveries working with data from Riot’s online game, League of Legends.  The code I wrote for initial sanity check modelling work can be found here. The feature […]

A New Direction: ACSR CCNA consulting, Data Science Portfolio

After some time in dormancy, it is once again time for Drunken Thieves to be active. While originally a launchpad for some creative side projects (Film and Games), it became a blog that would go on to become insidethekraken. As one of the founding members of Drunken Thieves, I’ve decided that like me, it’s time for this site to transition.  Going forward, this site will be a portfolio/blog about my current focus on Data Science, Machine Learning, and DevOps. While that is  my current focus, I am still available for ACSR or CCNA consulting: I’ve […]

Another New Beginning

So, Emmy Live Blogs aside, you have probably noticed a bit of a lull in the blog for the past month or so. I announced a couple of months ago that some big changes were coming soon, and that time is now. Starting Monday, the Drunken Thieves blog will be no more, as we transition to a new blog. Drunken Thieves has been an incredibly positive experience for Kyu, Keskel, and I, but we all felt it was time for a change. When starting this blog, it was really more for us than for any potential readers, […]